So I’m still alive.

I also quit my job of four years.

I also moved across three states.

I also got my first political thing published.

I’m also in grad school now.

I’m also querying a bucketload of agents, magazines, and even the occasional podcast or two.

I’m also trying to make sure I get at least one thing published every single month.

It’s a busy, fun, hectic, nightmarish, great, fantastic, awful, wonderful time to be alive. For all that’s going on right now, I haven’t been his productive or optimistic in years.

This blog will continue to be the dumping ground of my brain, but I’ll also be using it for School Things from time to time. The grad school-related posts will be less off-the-cuff, more formal and actually intended for intellectual discourse. They’ll even be formatted to meet academic standards. Feel free to read them even if that’s not your usual thing!

The non-grad school-related posts will remain an oddball mixture of talking shop, thinking about politics, poking at history, and rambling incoherently across a wide range of subjects. Sometimes you might even see all of these things in one post.

Like the next one.

I’ll hit the big fancy Publish button on it tomorrow.

This is basically my response to everything right now.

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